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The Henson Group is Microsoft’s trusted leader in OpenAI, Azure, and M365, providing comprehensive solutions for organizations’ digital journey.  With unrivaled expertise in OpenAI technologies, we empower businesses to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence. As a six-time Microsoft Partner of the Year and Azure Expert MSP, we excel in delivering Microsoft solutions of the highest caliber, ensuring dependable support and efficient management of cloud IT infrastructure.

Our close relationships with Microsoft give us a unique advantage in handling customer escalations swiftly and effectively. We guide our customers through every step of their digital transformation, leveraging our global experience and proven track record.

We take pride in offering the industry’s best customer service, along with Microsoft Premier support plans and continuous security, and Well-Architected Azure Reviews. Partnering with us unlocks exclusive Microsoft discounts and Azure credits, enabling cost-effective solutions tailored to your organization's needs.

Stay ahead of the curve with our Intelligent Managed Services and Azure Expert MSP status for advisory and guidance on the latest features and advancements in the OpenAI and Microsoft ecosystems. Our dedicated team of cloud architects provides quarterly reports with automated assessments, detailed cost analysis, and improvement recommendations, helping you optimize expenses while enhancing security.

Henson Group Proudly Attains All Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations

Why Buy Cloud From Us?

Working with an industry leader

A Message from Our Founder and Chair of the Board, Greg Henson

My name is Greg Henson and I am the founder and Chair of The Board at Henson Group (HG). For more than 20 years, Microsoft has consistently recommended my company to sell and deploy the software it licenses to corporations large and small. Today, we have more than 100+ employees and associates servicing over a thousand clients in dozens of industries. From cloud, on-premise, support, or licensing, Henson Group consistently delivers for clients worldwide.


As most of our architects, engineers, developers are former Microsoft, we have relationships with Microsoft product groups and executives that give us access to code and knowledge not generally available to our competitors. Coupled with our experience and proven process driven approach, we are the best when it comes to Microsoft. Henson Group is an award-winning Microsoft Certified Azure Expert MSP and Gold Certified Partner focused on the deployment of Microsoft technologies for companies worldwide.

Microsoft's Trusted Cloud Partner

Less Risk

HG possesses several Microsoft certified competencies including the exclusive Azure Expert MSP endorsement achieved through annual audits of security, references, project experience, and product certifications.

More Value

HG offers the best value to SMBs and large corporations because we provide 24/7/365 support, including plans with unlimited Microsoft Premier support.  Our managed services team also provides a fully mature, process driven, cloud IT management approach.

Access to Microsoft

In addition to the personal relationships we maintain with Redmond, HG’s executives maintain an exclusive level of access to Microsoft Product Group developers, as well as Microsoft’s upper management useful for customer escalations.

ISO Certifications

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