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Transform your business with OpenAI

We are your premier destination for businesses seeking OpenAI expertise, offering cutting-edge solutions to deploy artificial intelligence seamlessly. With our deep understanding of AI technologies and a track record of successful implementations, we empower your business to harness the full potential of AI for transformative growth.




How To Get Started

Generative AI, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, is revolutionizing AI applications across various industries. Nonetheless, amid the excitement surrounding this emerging technology, there exists considerable speculation and ambiguity about its capabilities. Therefore, partnering with an established AI leader like Henson Group becomes crucial in navigating the uncertainties and separating the signal from the noise.

To address these challenges, Henson Group presents our OpenAI Accelerator Program. This comprehensive solution enables organizations to assess potential use cases for generative AI and swiftly prepare for implementation.  By leveraging Microsoft's predefined resource deployment procedures and drawing on the expertise of our OpenAI experts, this program ensures a streamlined and efficient journey towards deploying generative AIs, and maintaining them in a secure environment.

Henson Group's OpenAI Accelerator Program in 30 Days

Phase 1
Design Workshop
  • Identify generative AI scenarios for proof of concept

  • Gain an understanding of the business use case

  • Review the current state of data and advise on data preparation methodology

  • Create initial architecture

Phase 2

Landing Zone Deployment

  • Establish Azure landing zone and generative AI capabilities

  • Working session to customize landing zone

  • Population of the landing zone, showcasing implementation best practices

  • Use migration accelerators

  • Establish initial architecture to get data flowing

Phase 3

Generative AI POC

  • Transfer knowledge on data platforms, generative AI capabilities & best practices

  • Develop an approach to tailor OpenAI models

  • Provide the customer with a go-forward plan aligned with resourcing and architectural needs for the next phase


Offer Outcomes

  • Identify generative AI use cases in a discovery workshop

  • Deployed POC of customer-defined generative AI use case via Customer Azure Subscription

  • Documentation and knowledge transfer

  • Experienced AI experts to guide your team along the scenario refinement & feature definition path

  • Proposal for implementation of production solution

Why OpenAI Accelerator Program in 30 Days?


We all know that time is money. With this offer, companies can swiftly establish the necessary data and infrastructure to develop their AI solutions, resulting in faster launches of new products and services for your business needs.


Generative AI is undeniably impressive, but with any potentially revolutionary technology comes a lot of hype and noise. By working with Henson Group's AI experts you will understand what is and isn’t possible with Generative AI today.


Generative AI represents an opportunity to develop numerous new solutions to support new use cases, but data must be available and accessible to ensure models produce the intended results. 

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