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Henson Group makes this internet-based system for reporting compliance-related concerns available to employees and others who may want to seek advice or report substantive violations of the Code of Conduct.

If possible, you should first try to address your concerns with those in your immediate work environment. For example, you can bring up your concerns with your supervisor, senior management, human resources or legal department. If you are uncomfortable raising concerns directly with your manager or another person in your business unit or if your previous attempts to raise these concerns have not yielded results, this internet-based reporting system is a good way to raise your concern.

This internet-based reporting system allows you to raise concerns freely and without fear of retaliation. Reports are treated with the greatest possible regard for confidentiality and in compliance with data protection requirements. Employees who raise workplace concerns need not fear harassment or retaliation. All workplace concerns should be raised in good faith. Raising workplace concerns “in good faith” means that an individual making a report believes that what he or she is asserting is true, whether or not subsequent investigation proves what they have asserted to be true. It is prohibited to abuse this system by knowingly submitting false or slanderous information.

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Various reporting channels are available both to our employees and our business partners for reporting compliance violations. Substantial compliance violations, specifically illegal business practices, can be reported via the form below. This allows for a confidential and specially encrypted, secure dialogue with the Henson Group Integrity & Compliance team.

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