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In Conclusion

​Henson Group helps the retail industry increase cash flow with our free migration, free consumption, and licensing discounts. At the same time, we also reduce the risk of migrating to the cloud because we are Microsoft Certified Cloud Experts, have years of retail experience, and provide you with unlimited support.

Shaping the future of retail

Know about your customers.

Loblaw uses Azure and Azure AI to securely store and process data. They were able to redesign their customer data by taking apart siloed information, anonymizing, aggregating, and building out a feature to customize offers.

Upgrade your supply chain.

Starbucks uses Azure to intelligently sequence mobile and in-person orders, ensuring maximum production capacity and happy customers.

Reimagine the retail experience.

Migros instantly monitors the amount and stock status of fruits and vegetables on shelves and generates alarms about their condition using Azure and Azure AI, making sellout and automatic order situations easy to manage.

Full 360-View Personalization

Create a 360-view of the consumer everywhere they go to drive more relevant offers and recommendations, grow revenue, and improve customer experience. Consolidate disparate customer data sources to effectively target advertisements and product information across multiple channels. Detect and respond to changes in customer behavior.

Supply Chain Increased Visibility

Create efficiencies that provide a fast, seamless, and personalized end-to-end journey to meet ever-growing customer service expectations. Optimize and reduce supply chain risk to enhance product and service delivery with advanced insights and analytics, improving planning, fulfillment, material sourcing, and logistics.

Omni-Channel Optimization

Provide a smooth, frictionless customer journey that lets customers switch platforms, devices, and channels. Enable customers to receive dynamic content, including augmented and mixed reality experiences. Delight in-store customers with point-of-sale devices that deliver richer interactions and extensive product consistency.


For new expectations

Learn how multichannel retailers are transforming with Azure.

Adaptive retail is the new imperative for retailers. With global disruption, external pressures and responsibilities, retailers need to be able to adapt—fast. Adapting means evolving, and evolution is how to stay resilient.  Meet with our team to learn about our deep retail experience and case studies.  In addition, our Microsoft licensing program provides the the same discounts, credits, and benefits as a Microsoft MCA agreement.  Contact us today to discover how we can help you prepare for the digital future.

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