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What Is Intelligent Managed Services?

Data Driven Monitoring and Reporting of your cloud environments so you know what is happening with spend, resources, and security in your Microsoft Cloud Services.  

What You Get

  • Break Fix Support

  • Azure Service Monitoring

  • Virtual Machine Management

  • Security Management

  • Backup Management

  • Disaster Recovery Management

  • Monthly Service Review

  • Quarterly Cloud Optimization Assessment


  • Monthly Service Report

  • Quarterly Architecture Review

  • Cloud Strategy Advisory Services

Support Management

  • Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring with Logic Monitor

  • Incident Management

  • Event Management 

  • Problem Management

  • Service Level Management 

  • Availability Management 

  • Storage and Archive Management

  • Request Fulfillment

  • Backup and Restoration (Servers and DB) 

  • Disaster Recovery Support

  • Network Management 

  • Operating System Patch Management 

Advanced Support

  • Intelligent Managed Security powered by Armor

  • CoreStack Cloud Management Platform 

  • Sentinel One Endpoint Protection

What You Get

Monthly Report

Monthly, we provide a report on your Azure Environment including inventory, costs, recommendations, network diagrams, and full configuration details, enabling you to make decisions on optimizing your environment.

24/7/365 Support

When something goes wrong, you want it resolved quickly and efficiently. Our support team has the experience to quickly resolve issues, and our Microsoft Premier Agreement ensures we provide the very best support .

Easy Self-Service

Our management portal provides details on-demand regarding costs, inventory, and improvement recommendations.


Intelligent Modern Workplace Managed Services

The Henson Group’s Intelligent Modern Workplace Managed Services strives to deliver best in class support using data driven decisions and recommendations for our clients ensuring business success with M365/O365.

What Is 

Intelligent Managed Services?

The Henson Group’s Intelligent Azure Managed Services strives to deliver best in class support using data driven decisions and recommendations for our clients ensuring business success in Azure.

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What You Get

  • Managing all user additions and changes

  • Maintain your Azure AD Connect

  • Ensure MFA is enforced in your M365/O365 environment

  • Manage Exchange Online

  • Manage Microsoft Teams

  • Manage SharePoint Online

  • Modern Workplace Security and Data Loss Prevention

  • User Management: Entra ID Administration (fka Azure AD), Entra Connect, MFA

  • Exchange Online: Mailbox, Transport, Mobile Devices, Phishing and SPAM Protection, Email Security

  • Teams: Teams Management, Teams Configuration, Policy, Teams Templates

  • SharePoint Online: Site Collection Management, OneDrive, Teams Integration, Policy

  • Security & Data Loss Prevention: DLP Configuration, Defender for Endpoints, Conditional Access

  • Intune Management: Manage Devices, Device Policies, Set up AutoPilot, Manage Certificates

  • Modern Work File Protection: Complete back up and restore of files stored in SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Teams.

Administrative Support for

Our Advanced Tier Services

Ensure optimal application performance through our Application Performance Monitoring service that tracks the performance of your applications. Includes comprehensive performance monitoring and AI/ML driven alerts when performance is suboptimal. 

Intelligent Azure Application Monitoring Service

Improve your Azure Security monitoring through the deployment of Azure’s Native SIEM tool that can monitor all Azure services including Platform Services such as Azure SQL and Application Services. 

Intelligent Advanced Security Threat Detection and Response

Intelligent Managed AI Solutions


Intelligent Azure

The Henson Group’s Intelligent Azure Managed Services strives to deliver best in class support using data driven decisions and recommendations for our clients ensuring business success in Azure.

Get Started


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Our Core Services

Intelligent Azure

Best-in-class support and data-driven recommendations for Azure success, including support & management, cloud infrastructure monitoring, and advisory services.

Intelligent Modern Workplace

We provide administrative support and security for Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint Online, and Intune Management, ensuring a secure and productive modern workplace.

Intelligent Managed AI Services

Ongoing support for Azure AI Cognitive Services, model updates, prompt engineering, and monthly AI statistics reporting.

Intelligent NOC Services

Proactive monitoring and alerting using Logic Monitor, monthly reporting on activities, and opportunities for improvement.

Intelligent Help Desk

End-user support for the Microsoft Office Suite, email clients, operating systems, and PC hardware.

Cloud Support

What You Get

  • Provide ongoing support for all Microsoft Azure AI Cognitive Services deployed in a client’s environment

  • Update AI models with current business data to ensure responses contain correct data

  • Assist with Prompt Engineering to help clients use the AI tools efficiently

  • Assist with version upgrades and enhancements to enable the use of the most up-to-date models, features, and functionality

  • Report monthly on AI statistics, including:

    • Utilization Data

    • Performance

    • Anomalies and malformed responses reported

    • Support issues encountered


Intelligent NOC Services

What You Get

  • Using Logic Monitor, our teams proactively look for issues in your workloads

  • When an issue is discovered, an alert is raised with the team, who investigate the alert.

  • If the alert requires follow up actions, our team will notify your team based on the defined support process.

  • Our team will monitor the event until we receive the all-clear from your support team

  • Monthly we will report on our activities, your environment, and opportunities for improvement.


Intelligent Helpdesk Services

End User Support for

  • Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems (V. 10 & 11), MacOS (BigSur, Monterrey, Ventura) installed on company owned devices

  • Microsoft Office Suite Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Web Browsers (Firefox, Safari, MS Edge, Google Chrome)

  • Email Clients including Outlook, Outlook for the Web, Windows Mail App, Mac Mail, Google Workspace Email

  • PC Hardware including laptops, desktops, printers, and connected peripherals (Mouse, keyboard, scanner, external storage devices)

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