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Visualize problem areas and automate processes to increase quality and efficiency.

Pioneers of Automation

Automation has become ubiquitous in today's manufacturing industry. From faster assembly to quality control, reduced downtime, and increased safety, Henson Group has been at the forefront of manufacturing automation and control for over 30 years.

Manufacturing Assembly

Fast, Easy, and Scalable

Henson Group project deployment is streamlined with one development tool for multiple client platforms and open standards. Henson Group solutions scale from embedded controllers to full operator stations. Web accessible portals, including geo SCADA with meteorological updates, give you remote access to operations and diagnostics for your complete operation.

Laser Cutting

Manufacturing Solution Assessment Offers

Microsoft Solution Assessments are free engagements delivered by Henson Group and combine our highly skilled technical team and modern technology to provide deep organizational insights to make informed IT decisions aligned to business strategy. Whether you are doing business on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment, we have a Solution Assessment that can support you in securing and optimizing your current IT estate and lay a scalable foundation for business growth.

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Quality Monitoring

Manage manufacturing production quality with native graphs and trends, as well as a native quality reporting product, Quality AnalytiX®. Quality AnalytiX enables operators, quality personnel, manufacturing engineers, and management to view quality SPC data and other production parameters impacting product quality.

Asset-based Organization

Organize and manage enterprise-wide assets with reuseable equipment classes. Equipment classes contains all properties, equations, commands, and operations available, as well as a graphical hierarchy template to visualize and provide insight for all integrated assets.  


As a fully integrated reporting module, ReportWorX™64 pushes data into report spreadsheets using the power of Microsoft Excel. Its advanced scheduling engine can deliver reports directly to your mailbox or phone, or on demand from an HMI screen, so your data is always there when and where you need it.

OEE Metrics

Monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics to minimize wasted effort and expenses. Integrate real-time OEE metrics into production monitoring displays to provide a comprehensive view of operational efficiency.


Chris Weber


Microsoft Corporation

I love what the Henson Group has done to innovate with their free migration offer, which not only helps migrate customers but also supports them after the sale.

Take your company to the next level:

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  • We started with one employee and now have 200+

  • We are an award-winning firm

  • We grew from a start-up to a global company

  • We reduce risk for clients with our expert status

  • We are forward-thinking, believing in "we" over "I"

  • We obsess over customer experiences

  • We actively pursue diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • We provide only the best services and pricing

  • We value our clients and love what we do

  • We adore our employees

  • We are a carbon-neutral company

  • We hold our partners in the highest esteem

  • We are curious about everything

  • We stop at nothing to deliver the best results

  • We are thought leaders among peers in our industry

  • We compensate all employees equitably

  • We have equal women to men in senior leadership


  • Cloud and on-premise licensing

  • Server migrations to the cloud

  • Cloud-native application development gurus

  • Deep AI/ML/IoT know-how

  • Container deployment leaders

  • Email, IM, and Phone migrations to the cloud

  • CRM deployments in the cloud

  • Managed Services for IaaS/PaaS/SaaS

  • Cloud security assessments

  • Cloud performance and cost optimizations

  • Full security team and services for pen testing

  • Outsourced IT provider and staff augmentation

  • End-user helpdesk and device support services

  • Power Platform architects and consultants

  • Virtual Desktop provider and consultants

  • HoloLens application developers

  • Specialists in Linux and OSS