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Henson Group Welcomes Microsoft Executive David Smith to Board of Directors

Miami, FL, March 15th, 2024 – The Henson Group, an industry leader in delivering cutting-edge Azure Cloud Solutions, generative AI technologies, and comprehensive Managed Services, proudly announces the esteemed addition of David Smith to its Board of Directors. Smith, a Microsoft executive with over two decades of strategic and operational excellence, has officially joined the board, marking a significant milestone in the Henson Group's journey toward technological innovation and global market expansion.

David Smith's illustrious career at Microsoft, where he spearheaded partner development and deployment solutions, has positioned him as a key figure in technology and business transformation. His current role as the leader of the Worldwide Channel Sales team showcases his exceptional ability to drive strategic growth and foster meaningful partnerships across various market segments. Smith's leadership in the Worldwide Channel Sales team and his tenure as the Worldwide Vice President of the SMB organization from 2015 to 2017 underscore his leadership of organizations who helped create and nurture the world's largest cloud ecosystem of partners.

Greg Henson, Founder and Chair of the Board at the Henson Group, expressed his enthusiasm for Smith's board membership, highlighting Smith's strategic vision and his anticipated impact on the Henson Group's future. "David's deep industry knowledge and his track record of fostering innovation and growth are exactly what we need as we continue to expand our offerings and reach. His appointment is a clear reflection of our commitment to excellence and leadership in the Azure Cloud Solutions, generative AI, and Managed Services domains," said Henson.

David Fuess, CEO of Henson Group, also emphasized the significance of Smith's expertise for the company. "David's insights into global sales, partner ecosystems, and cloud technology will be invaluable as we advance our strategic objectives and reinforce our market leadership. His proven leadership and innovative mindset will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing success."

The Henson Group also celebrates the synergy between David Smith and another former Microsoft executive on their board, David Willis, whose esteemed career and significant contributions continue to bolster the Henson Group's leadership and strategic direction.

The Henson Group is at the forefront of the industry, delivering intelligent managed services and excelling in GenerativeAI solutions. This latest board appointment highlights the Henson Group's dedication to leading the way in technology innovation and customer-centric solutions.

About The Henson Group: Henson Group is not only the industry's Generative AI expert and a Microsoft Managed Services Provider with strengths in Azure/M365 but also a distinguished Azure Expert MSP that has achieved all of Microsoft Azure Solution Designations. Our customer-centric approach extends beyond traditional managed services, offering comprehensive solutions for your complete cloud and machine learning journey. With expertise in Azure Infrastructure and Database Migrations, Cloud Security, and more, we leverage the full spectrum of Microsoft Solutions to drive innovation and maximize your technology infrastructure's efficiency and effectiveness. For more information, visit

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