Why Buy Cloud from Us?

As a Microsoft reseller and Azure Expert MSP, Henson Group offers Microsoft cloud licensing for the same price as buying direct from Microsoft. However, buying through Henson Group gives you the added bonus of free, unlimited Microsoft Premier Support. Simply log a case with Henson Group and Microsoft’s Premier Support will call you back within minutes 24/7/365.


In addition to free, unlimited Microsoft Premier Support, Henson Group offers free MSP services, quarterly health checks and advisory services. This benefit pro-vides guidance on design, development, and deployment allowing you to reduce risk and deploy with greater confidence. Best of all, Henson Group requires no annual contracts or commitments. So you can cancel at any time.

Benefits of Buying Microsoft Licensing from Henson Group


✓ Our pricing is the same as Microsoft’s list pricing

✓ Migrate for free with no limit on environment size

✓ Get unlimited, 24/7/365 access to Microsoft Premier support

✓ Receive advice on improving performance and security while reducing costs

✓ Advisory and guidance on architecture and infrastructure

✓ Free MSP Monitoring and VM Patching with custom notification schedules

✓ Dedicated team to help you PaaS-ify services

✓ Continuous cost monitoring and alerting

These brands benefit from Henson Group's cloud licensing services


Why Henson Group?

From our Founder and CEO, Greg Henson

My name is Greg Henson and I am the founder and CEO of Henson Group. For more than 15 years, Microsoft has consistently recommended my company to sell and deploy the software it licenses to corporations large and small.


Today, we have more than 600 employees and affiliates servicing hundreds of

clients in dozens of industries. From cloud, on-premise, support, or licensing, Hen-son Group consistently delivers for clients worldwide.


As most of our architects, engineers, developers are former Microsoft, we have relationships with Microsoft product groups and executives that give us access to code and knowledge not generally available to our competitors. Coupled with our experience and proven process driven approach, we are the best when it comes to Microsoft.


Henson Group (HG)

is an award-winning “Gold Certified Partner” focused on the deployment of Microsoft technologies for U.S. and international companies. Key distinctions differentiating HG from competitors include:


Former Microsoft Engineers

Henson Group hires former Microsoft engineers and consultants with extensive project and vertical experience. HG carefully categorizes its various levels of consulting professionals (i.e. Architectural Consultant, Principal Consultant, Senior Consultant, etc.) based on mandatory levels of industry, product, and project experience.


Access to Microsoft

In addition to the personal relationships we maintain with Redmond, HG’s

executives maintain an exclusive level of access to Microsoft Product Group developers, as well as Microsoft’s upper management and funding programs.


Multiple Microsoft Competencies

HG possesses several solutions competencies, which are official Microsoft

endorsements and are only achieved through Microsoft based on client

references, project experience, and product certifications.


Award-Winning Microsoft Azure Expert MSP & Gold Certified Partner Status

HG enjoys privileged access to exclusive Microsoft resources, such as the ability

to open Microsoft Premier Support Cases (at no cost to the client) and access to

Microsoft funding programs to help fund clients’ projects.


Focus on Client’s Goals

HG is privately owned and operated in the USA with

no outside or foreign investors allowing us to put clients and customer

service ahead of profits.

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