State & Local Government

Empowering public service with innovation and agility to embrace accelerating change.

Now more than ever, public service organizations must balance stability with speed to meet citizens’ needs. Facing limited resources, compressed timelines and unprecedented challenges, leaders must embrace new ways of working to deliver on their missions.


Making a difference in citizens’ lives requires not just setting a bold vision but executing pragmatically and efficiently against it. Our deep industry expertise drives end-to-end, proven solutions to help your organization evolve.

In addition, our Microsoft licensing program provides the the same discounts, credits, and benefits as a Microsoft MCA agreement.  Contact us today to discover how we can help you prepare for the digital future.

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Improve your citizen services, innovate faster, increase efficiency, and get world-class security.

Azure for Government

Increase citizen engagement.

Empower your employees.

Give your citizens access to government services via a secure cloud platform, whenever and wherever they need them. Increase your agency’s productivity and protect its data while reducing costs.

Help your staff connect with colleagues and file reports from the field. Give them access to real-time information to help protect the public and collaborate as a team to develop strategies.

Optimize your agency’s operational effectiveness.

Deliver flexible, integrated, and trusted productivity solutions to help with your digital transformation. Whether you’re gaining insights from data analytics or bringing IoT into the way you do business, you’ll create better experiences for your citizens.

Make better decisions with data analysis.

Gain more value from your all your data. Develop new insights with powerful self-service data analysis tools and applications.


Learn how Microsoft and Henson Group bring data analytics and cognitive services to the edge. Explore examples of edge analytics in action, from disaster relief to power line inspection to public safety patrol.

Why choose Azure Government?

All government cloud offerings are not the same. Azure Government provides:

Government Exclusivity

Jump-Start Innovation

Hybrid Flexibility

Only US federal, state, local and tribal governments and their partners have access to this dedicated instance, operated by screened US citizens.

Gain new, cutting-edge capabilities with the Internet of Things technologies, data analytics and high-performance computing.

Control the timing and implementation of your digital transformation. If you choose, you can keep select data and some functionality on-premises.

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Broadest Compliance & Level 5 DoD Approval

Choose from six government-only datacenter regions, all granted an Impacted Level 5 Provisional Authorisation. And, Azure Government offers the most compliance certifications of any cloud provider.

Two Azure Government Secret regions for classified workloads are coming soon.

​Henson Group helps governments increase cash flow with our free migration, free consumption, and licensing discounts. At the same time, we also reduce the risk of migrating to the cloud because we are Microsoft Certified Cloud Experts, have years of government experience, and provide you with unlimited support.

Free Migration & Training

Henson Group migrates and optimizes your application for Azure. At the same time, our architects train your team on best practices for building applications in Azure and other Microsoft cloud platforms.


We will help you increase your revenue by doing all the hard work of launching your application in Microsoft's MarketPlace and AppSource - allowing you to co-sell with Microsoft and Henson Group's global sales teams.

Infra Support
& Ops

As an Azure Expert MSP, we provide IT administration, management, and monitoring of your infrastructure, along with free Microsoft Premier support. This allows you to focus on your Dev while we handle the Ops.

Here are some of our SLG clients:


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Microsoft Corporation

I love what the Henson Group has done to innovate with their free migration offer, which not only helps migrate customers but also supports them after the sale.

Take your company to the next level:

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  • We started with one employee and now have 200+

  • We are an award-winning firm

  • We grew from a start-up to a global company

  • We reduce risk for clients with our expert status

  • We are forward-thinking, believing in "we" over "I"

  • We obsess over customer experiences

  • We actively pursue diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • We provide only the best services and pricing

  • We value our clients and love what we do

  • We adore our employees

  • We are a carbon-neutral company

  • We hold our partners in the highest esteem

  • We are curious about everything

  • We stop at nothing to deliver the best results

  • We are thought leaders among peers in our industry

  • We compensate all employees equitably

  • We have equal women to men in senior leadership


  • Cloud and on-premise licensing

  • Server migrations to the cloud

  • Cloud-native application development gurus

  • Deep AI/ML/IoT know-how

  • Container deployment leaders

  • Email, IM, and Phone migrations to the cloud

  • CRM deployments in the cloud

  • Managed Services for IaaS/PaaS/SaaS

  • Cloud security assessments

  • Cloud performance and cost optimizations

  • Full security team and services for pen testing

  • Outsourced IT provider and staff augmentation

  • End-user helpdesk and device support services

  • Power Platform architects and consultants

  • Virtual Desktop provider and consultants

  • HoloLens application developers

  • Specialists in Linux and OSS