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Ben Jastram

Dallas, TX

Ben Jastram is a former Microsoft employees currently living in Dallas, TX.  Ben is an Account Executive, and our Business Development Manager with a specially in Azure CSP and M365 Licensing.  Some of the accounts he manages are _______, 

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Travis Rickford

Fargo, ND

Travis is a former Micrsoft sales rep and currently resides in Fargo, ND with his dog Peaches. When he's not riding his Harley Davidson he is enjoying the outdoors at his lakehouse.  His expertise is with Dynamics, .......


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Jacob Wyfells

Minneapolis, MN

Jacob has 7+ years of experience in IT transformation projects with fortune 1000 clients through digitally transforming their application and infrastructure technology stack with the Azure cloud. My specialties include helping clients build out a strategy and roadmap for their digital transformation projects. This includes identifying key resources for successful implementation, refining and creating a project budget, and establishing key project benchmarks and milestones.

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Melissa Gillet LeDuc

Fargo, ND

I have been in and around the Microsoft ecosystem for the past decade, as a vendor, as a partner, and 7 years as a Microsoft employee; I began as an Account Executive working with Federal clients before becoming Sales Director leading the State and Local Government midsized team across the US. As a veteran of the USAF, working with government customers has been a passion of mine but I am here to help any and all clients as they digitally transform! I am currently located in Fargo, ND but have had the pleasure of visiting every one of the 50 states and have called 8 of them home. In the winter I enjoy sledding, snowmobiling, and hope to try my hand at ice fishing soon! However, gardening has recently become my favorite way to spend free time and I eagerly await the time that I can begin planting my seedlings indoors!

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Michael Elkin

New York City, NY

Experienced Technology Cloud Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong operations professional skilled in Sales, Management, Software Asset Management, Sales Process, and Microsoft Licensing.

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Jay Pelletier

Fargo, ND

Jacob is a former Microsoft rep and currently leads our Canadian division.  Jacob previously worked at Microsoft Canada and has many ties within the region etc......  He currently lives in Minnesota with his wife and daughter.


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Jamie Alexander Conlon

London, UK

Jamie specialises in Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, migrating clients from on-premise, and other cloud hyper-scalers, to the Azure cloud. Jamie has 14 years of experience in the Tech sector and has a vast data centre background working for VMware, Dell, HPE and working with some of their largest Global and Enterprise clients.


Jamie is a former Wrestler and American footballer from Glasgow, Scotland and currently resides in London servicing The Henson Groups UK and European clients.

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Judemark Bwari

Nairobi, Kenya

Cost Savings, Cost Savings, Cost Savings. That is all I preach.


If you are interested on having a 1:1 conversation with me on the same, please reach out to me and let’s outline together how we can help you transform your current organizational data into visual & predictable business insights, that will assist you in making timely informed decisions.


Music alert: I am also DJ by profession. Dance when you still can.

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Jeremy Duffy

Hamilton, OH

Jeremy is an experienced and effective Business Development Manager bringing forth valuable industry experience and a passion for management with Henson Group and maximizing opportunities for financial growth. Adept in analytical thinking, strategic planning, leadership, and building solid relationships with business partners. Based out of the Cincinnati area, he enjoys hiking, gem mining, and watching movies.

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