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Henson Group has a Proprietary Project Management Framework that includes a phased-based approach, sign-off meetings, change control, risk management, customer readiness, governance, and dedicated Project Managers. Our unique process mitigates risk and delivers solutions in less time than it takes other IT consultancies.

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"At Henson Group, what makes us unique is our absolute focus on our clients. From the very first requirements conversation, through project delivery, we never stop asking questions to ensure we guide you to the right destination. We do this by developing a deep understanding of the current and evolving needs of our clients."

— Matt Slossberg, PMO Lead


Henson Group Service Delivery Approach

Through our years in the Microsoft ecosystem, Henson Group has come to understand that one thing is constant from project to project – an absolute focus on our clients.  As a result, we have developed a unique client-centric methodology for our projects, focused on a smooth transition from current state through cloud adoption.

We draw on best practices from Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (diagram below) and one of its key elements if is Design. At Henson Group we make design a core priority when developing solutions and plans to achieve them with our clients.  When you meet our Account Managers for the first time, they will spend time getting to know you, your organization, and your business problems.  Design starts with us meeting as a team to select the optimal Consultant(s) to best fit your company’s immediate and longer-term needs, along with an experienced project manager.  Our team continuously guides and collaborates with key stakeholders from yours to define strategic objectives, financial and technical considerations, governance, and timeline considerations all towards designing the path to the optimal end state.  Our goal coming out of this phase, is a robust delivery framework.

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For consistency, the same team that worked with you in initial discovery will focus on the implementation, managing project variances, identifying, managing and mitigating risks, and focusing on meeting overall shared success criteria.  Among our goals is striking a balance between Security, Adaptability, and Scalability. Our Consulting teams follow best practices around Security while identifying and enabling opportunities to implement efficient, repeatable (automated) practices that meet your organization's security standards, and compliance requirements.

To ensure the successful outcome of our client’s projects, delivering results that exceed expectations, our PM team follows a standard, proven risk management process. Within this approach, our PM, working closely with our Technology Consultants, and client project leads, follows a five-step process through which we identify, analyze, develop mitigation plans for, track, and control individual project risks. This ongoing process is integrated within our overall Service Delivery approach.

Risk Management Process


The five steps of the risk management process are: 

1. Identify the risk. Bring risks to the surface so teams can review them before they impact a project. You can’t manage what you can’t see.

2. Analyze the risk. Convert risk data into actionable information that a team can use to prioritize, accept, and/or act on

3. Plan for the risk. Devise mitigation plans that will support decision making and action

4. Track the risk. Monitor the status of risks and any actions taken to mitigate them

5. Control the risk. Move risk management into day-to-day project management, which is crucial in ensuring that it remains a high-profile activity


As we close our project lifecycle, we will confirm joint success criteria have been achieved, provide training, knowledge transfer, and a warm transition to our Customer Success team, so that you have an active partner in your post implementation state. We focus on continuing to be your trusted advisor, providing you with the tools and training you need to run your business, and in doing so remaining informed and ready to support you proactively when an issue arises, or new strategic business objectives emerge.  Whenever possible, we align as many members of your previous project team, so that you know us, and we can step right in where we left off. At Henson Group, what makes us unique is our unwavering focus on our client, and we carry that as the focus through every project we deliver, and beyond.

Service Delivery Phase Overview

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