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A recognized leader in providing excellence in Microsoft Enterprise Support, we own and resolve your issues while your team innovates.

Why Premier+ Support?

  • Faster, expert, dedicated to you. Microsoft Support for less!

  • Comprehensive support for a fraction of Microsoft plan costs.

  • Managed escalations to Microsoft included.

  • Initiate cases and get support updates directly through Teams.*

Our dedication to quickly resolving issues for your company is our top priority.  See below for our SLA agreements, and response times.




Service Level Agreements

SLA - 2 Hours

95% of tickets resolved in 48 Hours

All systems impacted and all users unable to use the platform. High impact on operation of Client’s core business. Incident cannot be circumvented (no workaround).

Critical Business Impact

SLA - 4 Hours

95% of tickets resolved in 60 Hours

Significant business impact with the platform of a subset of the features/functionality of the platform. Workaround is available.

Moderate Business Impact

SLA - 8 Hours

95% of tickets resolved in 60 Hours

Non-production issue or a single user has problems or is requesting assistance. Any issue that does not meet the criteria for Sev A or B above. Workaround is available.

Minimal Business Impact

Actual Customer Testimonials

Get Started Today

I just wanted to confirm that the issue has been resolved and we can close this ticket.  I wanted to thank you for your help on this very critical issue and I wanted to say that your service in escalating this ticket and staying on it until its resolution was exemplary from start to finish.  We really appreciate everything you do at The Hendson Group for us.  On a scale of 1 to 10 I would definitely give you and your team a 10!


Thank you again for everything!

Security Admin at Leading Surveillance Company

Hello Support,


I wanted to let you know that I had the opportunity to work with your support team on a issue (details attached below) recently and they did a phenomenal job in getting our issue resolved in very quickly and without any disruptions. They kept us updated of the progress during our entire interaction and made sure that the solution he is putting in place is a long term solution so we don’t have any issues with any further changes to the Azure platform. Really appreciate his rapid response and professionalism in getting this issue resolved so quickly.



COO at Large Manufacturing Company

Hey Henson Group Support,

Just wanted to bring to your attention on the commendable work attitude of one of your employees. 

Through a limited time that I have interacted with him, I find him, extremely knowledgeable with a deep insight of the subject matter. What makes us even more happy is the right kind of customer centric approach that he has towards problem solving and handling of clients. He puts in a good amount of research to come up with solutions. Its for employees like him, we choose to stick with Henson. Please pass on my appreciation.


A good team is nurtured by a good manager who brings in that culture in the team. So, thanks to you too 😊


Looking forward to long term relationship with Henson and specifically your team.

Head of IT at Large Housing Firm

Good morning,


I wanted to drop a message to thank you for a successful outcome on this project. The security has been addressed, costs adjusted, and the update process improved.


In any case, I would like to call to your attention I really deeply appreciated the sincerity, tenacity, and dedication to customer service that your team brought to the table.


The Support Team individual represented Henson extremely well and is a credit to your organization. I think some may have tried to brush aside concerns but instead, they listened to understand the problem and root issue.  The team then showed great follow-thru.  Your team earned my trust, and I'm much more likely to pursue additional business with Henson Group because of that. Kudos to your support team!

Owner of Consulting Firm

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your unwavering support in resolving the recent Azure service outage that impacted our operations. Your dedication and expertise were instrumental in identifying the root cause of the issue and implementing a timely solution.

I am particularly grateful for your willingness to go the extra mile and advocate for our company with the Azure team. Your proactive efforts ensured that our concerns were heard and addressed promptly.

As we work to restore full service to our customers, I would greatly appreciate receiving an official email from the Azure team detailing the root cause of the outage. This information is crucial for informing our customers and potentially mitigating any penalty clauses we may face.


Thank you once again for your exceptional support and commitment to resolving critical technical issues. Your efforts have significantly minimized the impact of this outage and allowed us to maintain a high level of service for our customers.

I eagerly await the Azure team's response regarding the root cause analysis.

IT General Manager at Leading Healthcare Firm

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding support provided by one of your Cloud Engineers.  During a recent technical issue, we encountered. We were facing a critical challenge with our cloud infrastructure that was affecting our operation & your support team promptly responded to our request for assistance and demonstrated a remarkable level of expertise throughout the troubleshooting process.

The team quickly grasped the complexity of the issue and diligently worked towards finding an effective solution. Their communication skills were excellent, making it easy for our team to understand the steps being taken to resolve the problem. Not only did they provide clear explanations, but you also ensured that we were kept informed of progress at every stage.

What truly impressed us was your team's ability to think outside the box and suggest innovative approaches. It was thanks to your insightful suggestions that we managed to avoid potential downtime and financial losses. In fact, based on our calculations, your team's recommendations resulted in a cost savings of approximately $1000!

Your team's dedication to resolving the issue promptly, along with a deep knowledge of cloud technologies, played a vital role in bringing our services back to full functionality. It is because of this remarkable effort that we were able to minimize the impact on our users and maintain the high level of service they expect from us.

We believe that recognition should be given where it is due, and we believe your support team deserves accolades for going above and beyond to help us out of this critical situation.

Once again, please extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team for their exceptional support and expertise. We are grateful to have you as part of our support network and appreciate the valuable contributions made to our organization's success.

VP at Leading Retail Solutions Provider

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