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Microsoft Fargo Company Overview

Henson Group is a global Microsoft partner with several offices in the US and Canada. We sell CSP and Managed services throughout North America and have 200+ associates globally. With a proven track record with Microsoft inside sales in Fargo, Microsoft sellers love Henson Group because we offer free and low-cost migrations for Azure, Modern Workplace, and BizApps. Companies prefer Henson Group because our proprietary migration process and Azure Expert MSP status reduce risk, while our free migration and Premier support minimize the burden of cloud migrations for: 1) No/low-cost migrations 2) Azure Expert = Less Risk 3) Free Migrations 4) Free Microsoft Premier Support Our ideal customer spends 1,000 dollars or more per month and is willing to buy through CSP. Chris Weber and Mark Slater recognize our success and endorse our offerings to Microsoft sellers. To set up an intro meeting with our team, please email us at

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