Free Migration & Training

For EA, MCA, PayGo, and CSP customers, Henson Group migrates and optimizes your VMs & apps for Azure.  At the same time, our architects and experts train your team on Azure best practices.  Nominations from Microsoft employees are preferred.

Risk Reduction with Premier 

Reduce migration time and risk with Henson Group's proven 6 step migration methodology and the safety net of our Microsoft Premier Support agreement and membership in Microsoft exclusive AMP program only available to certified Azure Expert MSPs. 

Cash Flow Acceleration

EA, MCA, PayGo, and CSP customers save costs with free migrations and free and unlimited Microsoft Premier Support.  Azure CSP customers  also improve cash flow with free Azure consumption, and monthly payments for Azure RIs.

Henson Group helps increase cash flow with our free migration, three months of free consumption, 10% below MSRP pricing, and monthly payments for RIs.  At the same time, we also reduce the risk of migrating to Azure because we are a Microsoft Certified, Azure Expert MSP and have unlimited access to Premier Support.

Quick Stats:​

  • 600+ Free Migrations to Date

  • 200+ Azure Experts on Staff

  • 2018 Azure Everywhere Winner

  • 2019 Azure ACA Winner

  • 2019 Azure ACR Winner 

  • Azure Expert MSP Certified

Migration Methodology​:

  • Discovery and Assessment

  • Map Dependencies

  • Pre Migration Remediation

  • Migration 

  • Optimization

  • Knowledge Transfer

We work with non-profits worldwide.  Here are a few:

Chris Weber


Microsoft Corporation

I love what the Henson Group has done to innovate with their free migration offer, which not only helps migrate customers but also supports them after the sale.

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Why Choose The Henson Group?

  • Over 17+ years experience

  • Most employees are former Microsoft employees, giving us access to:

    • Microsoft executives and product groups

    • Code and knowledge not generally available to our competitors

  • Free escalation path to Microsoft Premier Support provided by Microsoft

  • Implementations at a fraction of the cost our competition charges

  • ISO 27000, 9000, 20000 certified and GDPR Compliant

  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back on any project

  • Recognized by industry with numerous awards, including "Microsoft Partner of the Year" 6x

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