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The alliance is expected to result in:

  • Enhanced Service Offerings: Customers will have access to one of the most comprehensive sets of tools and services available in the cloud sector today.

  • Global Reach with Local Expertise: The combined capabilities of both companies will ensure global reach while maintaining a high level of local expertise and support.

  • Innovative Cybersecurity Measures: With cybersecurity at the heart of digital transformations, clients will benefit from pioneering security measures integrated seamlessly with all cloud services.

Henson Group and myCloudDoor announce Strategic Alliance

to Enhance Cloud Solutions and Cybersecurity Services

What Sets Us Apart

In an era where cloud technology is paramount, our partnership brings together unparalleled expertise in cloud services. We offer a suite of solutions that encompass SAP on Azure, AI integration, cybersecurity, and data modernization, tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses across the globe.

myCloudDoor Services

Expanded High-Value Solution Offerings


Our partnership enriches our service portfolio with a wider array of specialized solutions, ensuring that clients have access to the most advanced and high-value cloud services available.

Increased Global Delivery Capabilities


With our combined global presence, we can deliver services to clients anywhere in the world, providing the expertise and support needed to drive business success on a global scale.

Faster Time-to-Value / Business Outcomes

Our streamlined processes and integrated service offerings mean that clients can expect a quicker realization of value from their investments, leading to accelerated business outcomes and growth.

Strategic Alliance Benefits


See for yourself more about our partners at and all the technology and solutions their team has to offer.  

  • Armor knows cloud security better than the competition

  • Henson Group are experts in Microsoft Azure + Modern Workplace

  • Defined Service Integrations between Henson and Armor

  • Armor handles all aspects of the security monitoring and defense

  • Henson handles remediation of Microsoft Azure or Modern Workplace incidents

  • Henson Managed Services actively monitors the environment and supports our customers with 24x7x365 Support backed by a Microsoft Premier Agreement

Armor + Henson = Ultimate Security

Why choose Armor + Henson?

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What Our Clients Say

We all feel a great sense of relief because now we can focus on our core competency instead of platform issues. Henson Group has given our company a solid solution that can grow with the needs of our fast-growing client base.

Jim Dodson
CEO Spendbridge

(99+) Jim Dodson | LinkedIn

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Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

SAP on Azure

Our SAP on Azure services provide a robust platform for migrating and managing SAP applications, ensuring scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness. These solutions are designed to facilitate seamless business transformation and growth.

AI & Data Modernization

Our AI services deliver cutting-edge technologies that bring AI capabilities to any business swiftly. We offer rapid deployment solutions designed for quick scalability and adaptability, ensuring that as business needs evolve, our AI solutions can grow and adapt seamlessly.


Our cybersecurity services offer a comprehensive suite of protections, anchored by a robust Security Operations Center (SOC). This center is the hub of our security operations, providing advanced threat detection, rapid incident response, and continuous monitoring. Together, these services ensure a fortified security posture for clients, safeguarding businesses from emerging threats and maintaining a secure environment against the evolving landscape of cyber risks.


By utilizing the advanced data infrastructure capabilities of Microsoft Fabric, our data modernization solutions revolve around creating intuitive data engines efficiently. Fabric serves as the heart of our offerings, enabling access to new insights into your company's data almost overnight, transforming the way you interact with and leverage your data.

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