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Hi Microsoft!

Here is why you should work with us

Why should Microsoft work with Henson Group for Azure opportunities?

  • We have a proven track record with managed accounts

  • Azure Expert MSP status is less risk for your customers

  • Free/Low-Cost EA/MCA/CSP Migrations means more ACAs

  • Free Premier Support for all CSP, EA, and MCA equals sticky customers

  • Global sales and technical teams in all major countries

  • Azure Solution Assessment Certified

  • Access to PIE, ECIF, AAMP, and Henson Funding

  • Industry expertise in Non-Profit, Healthcare, SLG, Education, Retail, and Private Equity

Hear what Microsoft Employees have to say

Tyler Bryson Endorsement

Tyler Bryson discusses how Henson Group is a "Huge Acquisition machine" and how we lower the cost of getting started in the cloud for customers.

Chris Weber Endorsement

Chris Weber talks about Henson Group's distinct "Value Proposition" as a Go-To Partner.  He refers to Henson Group as a "No Brainer" for Microsoft Sellers.

Ben Jastram Sales Endorsement

Microsoft Sales associate Ben Jastram talks about how he uses Henson Group for speed when he wants to get something done fast and reliable for his customers.

Henson Group Success Story with Microsoft and iSolved​

Listen to Henson Group's CEO Greg Henson speak at MS Ready with Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Gavriella Schuster and iSolved IT Director, Chad Young.​

Our very own Rich Henkels talks about the value of our Free Migration, and the value it adds to a customer's journey to the cloud.

Henson Group Overview for the Microsoft Dublin Team

Henson Group is a global Microsoft partner with offices in London, Berlin, Paris, Dublin, and Netherlands. We sell CSP and Professional/Managed services throughout Europe and have 200+ associates globally.

Henson Group Overview for the Microsoft Fargo Team

Henson Group is a global Microsoft partner with several offices in the US and Canada. We sell CSP and Managed services throughout North America and have 200+ associates globally.

Chris Weber

I love what the Henson Group has done to innovate with their free migration offer, which not only helps migrate customers but also supports them after the sale.

Chris Weber

Former CVP of SMC

Microsoft Corporation

Support aligned to your goals

Microsoft Premier Support  offers end-to-end managed support for customers across the spectrum of Microsoft products and services. Tailored to your business priorities, Premier Support for Enterprise helps you realize value on your software investments by minimizing risk and reducing downtime.

Increased business productivity

With help from its CSM and the Microsoft Premier Support team, Arrow deployed Teams across almost the entire organization in just three months—months earlier than it planned.

Manage support 24/7 with Services Hub

Services Hub allows you to create, manage, and track support requests while staying current on Microsoft technologies with access to select self-paced learning paths.

Increased Benefits

Henson Group helps Microsoft SMC accounts increase cash flow with our free migration, free consumption, and licensing discounts. At the same time, we also reduce the risk of migrating to the cloud because we are Microsoft Certified Cloud Experts, have years of SMC experience, and provide you with unlimited support.

Quick Stats

  • 600+ free migrations to date

  • 200+ Azure experts

  • 2018 Azure Everywhere winner

  • 2019 Azure ACA winner

  • 2019 Azure ACR winner

  • Azure Expert MSP certification


  • Discovery and assessment

  • Map dependencies

  • Pre-migration remediation

  • Migration

  • Optimization

  • Knowledge transfer

Company Overview

  • Established in 2002 with HQ in USA

  • 200+ Employees in Americas, EMEA, and APAC

  • Global Azure Expert MSP + Adv. Specializations

  • Other Skills: M365/D365/AppDev/DB/Desktop

  • Microsoft Managed Partner in 5 Countries

  • Top CSP Direct and Indirect Reseller

  • Azure Solution Assessment Certified

  • Close ties with Microsoft executives

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