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Welcome to the forefront of digital transformation and cloud innovation! At Henson Group, we are thrilled to introduce our comprehensive suite of funding programs designed specifically for our valued customers. Our initiatives, including the Microsoft AMM (Azure Migration and Modernization Program), ACO (Azure Consumption Commitment), ECIF (Enterprise Cloud Incentive Fund), and our proprietary Henson Group funding, are meticulously crafted to support and accelerate your cloud journey. These programs are the cornerstone of our commitment to facilitating seamless transitions to cloud technologies, ensuring our customers can leverage the most advanced cloud solutions with financial ease and confidence.

Whether you're looking to migrate existing workloads, modernize applications, or fully embrace the cloud with innovative solutions, our funding programs are here to help. We understand the complexities and challenges of digital transformation, which is why we're not just offering financial support but also a partnership to guide you every step of the way. Through these initiatives, the Henson Group aims to empower businesses of all sizes to achieve their digital objectives, optimize operational efficiencies, and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation in the cloud. Join us in navigating the future of technology, where your success in the digital era begins today.

Funding Programs Tailored for Success

Empowering Your Cloud Journey 

Azure Migrate and Modernize & Azure Innovate


AMM funding supports customers and partners in their efforts to migrate existing workloads to Azure and modernize applications, thereby accelerating the adoption of Microsoft cloud services and facilitating digital transformation.


Azure Consumption Commitment

ACO is designed to incentivize the consumption of Azure services by offering financial benefits or discounts to customers who commit to a certain level of Azure usage over a specified period.


Enterprise Commercial Incentive Fund


ECIF is aimed at driving enterprise sales by providing financial incentives for the adoption of Microsoft's commercial solutions, including cloud and enterprise services, focusing on strategic accounts and high-value projects.


Azure Analytics and AI Accelerate Program


Accelerate customer demand and consumption of Analytics and AI services with the Azure Analytics and AI Accelerate Program (AAAP), a proven approach to helping partners.


Henson Group's



By providing financial support and resources, we aim to streamline the digital transformation journey, making it easier and more efficient for organizations to leverage the full potential of cloud technology.


Funding Programs

Microsoft  365  Copilot 

  • Stop oversharing with through access reviews in SharePoint​

  • Set Up Purview Data Policies 

Data Preparation

  • Set up Bing Chat Enterprise with Generative AI for your employees​

  • Set up Semantic Search to connect your data with Copilot’s AI Engine

Search Preparation

With new technology comes new skills for your employees. We will help train your employees on how to use Copilot effectively​


The Henson Group's Intelligent Managed Services will support your Copilot initiative with ongoing maintenance, data access reviews, and reporting on Copilot use in your organization. ​

Managed Services




Still have questions?

Try our funding bot below, and ask it anything about these programs.  Please keep in mind this information is just a baseline of these programs, and actual funding amounts may vary once we get further into the project details.

How To Get Started

Fill in the basic information below to the best of your knowledge, and a representative will reach out for further details on the next steps.

More Resources and Information

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Azure Offerings

AMM and Azure Innovate

Azure Acquistion and Nurture


AI Accelerate Program


Azure Credit Offering



Copilot for Microsoft 365

Azure Offerings FAQ Deck

FAQs for AMM and Azure Innovate

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Consider These Offers?

Microsoft's Azure Offerings are designed to fast-track your journey to the cloud. Whether you're just beginning or are looking to optimize your current setup, this is your chance to leverage comprehensive guidance, valuable resources, and expert assistance every step of the way.

How is the funding amount determined by Microsoft?

The funding provided by Microsoft is based on your projected Azure expenditure. At Henson Group, we collaborate with you and Microsoft to facilitate the funding application and ascertain the specific amount you're eligible for.

What services and benefits does the funding cover?

The funding encompasses a range of services including pre-migration assessments and migration support. Additionally, if using ACO, Azure credits are utilized to reduce the customers initial Azure invoices.

I'm already using Azure. Can I still benefit?

Absolutely! Whether you're new to Azure or an existing customer, the funding is accessible to all.

What's the Catch?

There isn't one! Microsoft has generously agreed to fund Henson Group to deliver these activities to Microsoft approved companies. This means you get all the benefits and expertise, partially, or fully funded by Microsoft. 

A Note on Availability:

Such offers come with immense value but limited availability. Based on historical trends, funding usually runs out by February. Therefore, it's crucial that you act quickly if you wish to capitalize on this opportunity.

What is the eligibility for the program?

  • Every project is unique in it's own requirements, but here are a few general eligibility standards.

  • Adding any of the new workloads specified above

  • Additional workloads add $1,000 in consumption

  • Available in most countries

  • For customers purchasing through Henson Group or Microsoft directly

  • May take up to two+ weeks for Microsoft to approve funding

If I do not know my customer’s TPID, how do I get it?

  • If you cannot find the customer ‘s TPID, please contact the marketing team, and we will help you.

Solution Assessment

(several options available)

  • Workshops (Cloud Adoption Framework or Arc Envisioning)

  • Pilot/proof of concept + “foundational” landing zone

Microsoft Copilot

Video Demonstration


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Contact a cloud specialist to start your journey!



If you would rather speak to our funding experts, we are happy to jump on a call anytime.

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