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Upcoming Events

OpenAI Roadshows & Webinars

Tuesday, Aug 22nd

Let's create a winning playbook together with Generative AI! Discover the future of sports and join us for a webinar hosted by Microsoft and The Henson Group, where we'll unlock the game-changing potential of "Generative AI for Sports."


  • Scouting:  Empower your team with AI-driven insights for strategic advantage.

  • Sales Efficiency:  Maximize ticket and sponsorship revenue with AI-powered sales strategies.

  • Game Summaries:  Experience real-time, comprehensive game analysis like never before.

  • Historical Data Search:  Dive into archives instantly with AI-driven data summarization.

  • Stadium Operations:  Optimize facilities and enhance fan experiences with AI.

Pre-Register Today 

Open AI and Intelligent Managed Services Webinar Series

Henson Group proudly announces our OpenAI & Intelligent Managed Services Webinar Series hosted by our Chief Technology Officer, Chris Savage. Chris will explain our new, updated managed services and support offerings designed to optimize your Microsoft Cloud services for better business outcomes and savings, along with ways we can help integrate OpenAI for your business needs.  


This will be an interactive session with Q&A opportunities so you can better understand how it relates to your specific needs. Register today before all seats fill up!

Join us for an exclusive event hosted by The Henson Group and Microsoft, where we invite you to embark on a transformative journey to shape the future of business with our OpenAI Accelerator Program.  Discover how OpenAI can unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency, empowering your team to foster a culture of innovation.

Pre-Register for the following cities.  The dates will be in the Fall of 2023.

  • New York City

  • Dallas

  • Chicago

  • Toronto

Thursday, Aug 10th

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