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Henson Protect

Demo Overview

Example of Connectwise Support 24/7/365

Specialized team that will be monitoring and staying ahead of any inconvenience that can occur in your environment.

MSP Team can solve problems on their own to remain the availability of the infrastructure to avoid downtimes. We will work proactively to prevent any issue that can encounter.

If the Customer doesn’t have time to implement a security policy or has problems with port access, they can just contact our team to solve this problem

Quick Overview of Connectwise

RMM Setup, a non-invasive app that makes the connection between Henson Group and the customer.

CPU and Memory Usage

Detailed Demo of Autotask

Autotask Internal Use

  • How the tickets show up on our system.

  • MSP Team follow-up and actions done on tickets.

  • Internal SLA measurement for customer response.

  • Microsoft Premier Support if the problem is out of scope.

Ethical hacking for ticketing purposes

  • Run script to increase CPU performance.

  • Run script to increase memory usage.

Show alerts 

This is the specific monitor or event that creates the ticket alert – Start and Stop Computer

Once the ticket is On, Continuum will call our team to let us acknowledge of the ticket that was created and to see if we need help solving it.

Windows Server

Start and Stop Windows Services/ Volume Shadow Copy is backup service on the WS

Click Below to View PDF of Process

SQL Server

Monitor Example

Exchange Server

Monitor Example

Active Directory Domain

Monitor Example

Admin Center of Veeam for MSP team

Monitor Example

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