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What is DataOps?

DataOps is the orchestration of people, processes, and technology to deliver trusted, business-ready data to data citizens, operations, and applications throughout the data lifecycle. With properly governed data, businesses can derive better insights that lead to new market opportunities while managing complex regulation compliance, data privacy and artificial intelligence (AI) model accuracy.

Organizations can deploy market-leading DataOps capabilities with our platform that enables an intelligent data fabric for faster, trusted AI outcomes. Solutions include multicloud data integration, automated data cataloging and master data management, all designed to increase efficiency, data quality, findability and governing rules in order to provide a self-service data pipeline.

DataOps capabilities

How to organize your data and make it more trusted and secure.

Data quality

Cleanse and manage data while making it available across your entire organization.

Data governance

Catalog, protect and govern all data types, trace data lineage, and manage data lakes

Data preparation

Transform large amounts of raw data into quality, consumable information.

Data integration

Integrate, replicate and virtualize data in real time fast across multiple clouds

Data replication

Provide real-time change data capture and synchronization to make data available

Master data management

Get a single, trusted, 360-degree view of data and enable users to know their data.

Data cataloging

Automate metadata and policy management, and provide consistent definitions.

How to get started with DataOps

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