CloudCheckr unifies IT, security and finance teams around the cloud and provides total visibility, deep insight, and cloud automation and governance.

CloudCheckr for Microsoft Azure

CloudCheckr is a comprehensive cloud management solution, helping businesses manage and automate cost as well as security for their public cloud environments. We are an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with Security and Government competencies, as well as a certified Silver Partner with Azure, to support multi- or hybrid-cloud strategies.

Cost Management

  • Monthly savings report

  • Right sizing for virtual machines, App Service plans,SQL databases, and Redis Caches

  • Customizable daily or monthly budget alerts

  • Historical monthly summary for budget projections

Invoice & Billing

  • Office 365 and Azure billing

  • Custom charges and usage reports

  • Automated invoice generation

Inventory Utilization

  • Unified usage analytics from Virtual Machine, Storage, SQL, and Traffic Manager

  • Track Office 365 Licenses, Share point, Users, Mailboxes, OneDrive, Skype, Teams, and Yammer

  • Advanced grouping and filtering by resource tags

Change Monitoring

  • Daily snapshots and audits across core Azure services

  • Rich reports and alerts to optimize resource management

Security Monitoring

  • Dozens of automated Security Best Practice Checks, integrated with Azure Security Center

  • Configuration and activity monitoring

  • Continuous assessments across security groups

Total Visibility Cloud Management

CloudCheckr unifies Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services cloud insights into one comprehensive platform for complete IaaS management and governance. With customizable dashboard alerts and reporting, CloudCheckr offers the complete solution to make the most of your Azure or multicloud infrastructure.


We deliver total visiblity, from public cloud to hybrid networks, thereby making the most complex cloud infratstructures easy to manage. CloudCheckr customers deploy our Saas-based platform to secure, manage , and governn the most sensitive evironments in the world, from government agencies to large enterprise and Managed SErvice Providers.

Cloud Management Made Easy