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Machine learning has helped different teams reinvent themselves, resulting in sales and marketing driving high engagement and lowering customer acquisition costs, supply chain reducing lost sales and excess inventory, and operations increasing asset uptime and minimizing maintenance costs. However, the task of delivering machine learning solutions across the business in no easy feat. Few organizations have the in-house know-how and the ability to develop the cross-functional teams necessary to succeed.  

Henson Group is a leader in Azure Data & AI, and we have been helping large enterprises successfully build and implement machine learning solutions across their business to realize a measurable ROI. 

Ways we can help

ML Pilot


Do you want to use machine learning to solve a business problem?

Are you looking to understand how machine learning can be used to create value? Our machine learning experts will work with you and your team to rapidly validate, prototype, pilot and measure your use case using machine learning best practices.

ML Enablement


Are you looking to get more from your data science and machine learning engineering teams?

We have worked closely with these teams to help enable them in the areas of value identification, delivery and technical frameworks as well as data science productivity tools.

ML Technical Advisory


Is your in-house data science team struggling to solve your business problem?

Our consultants will work with your team to understand your business context, data and desired outcome to develop the most effective machine learning solution.

Our Industry Experience

Brief details of some of the solutions we delivered


Image Analytics

To implement digital governance in the construction site's operation, AI models were developed for image analytics.  The objective is to find the type of vehicles arriving in the weighbridge, it's number plate information, safety conditions of the workmen and their workplace safety.   Solutions were developed suing Microsoft cognitive services and dark flow (YOLO).


Predict Labels & Fetch Data from PDFs

Create label fields in PDF's and stored the fetched data in structure format.  The team used Azure function to trigger and log whenever file is uploaded to Azure Storage account.  Then, use Form Recognizer REST API and python to analyze results in JSON format.  Once the data is received in JSON format, use Python code to extract only the required fields as table format and copy into SQL table. 


Retail Analytics

To help local retail store chain, manage their inventory and help them market products.  We helped them do segmentation of products, market basket analytics and predict life time value of their customers.  Some of the benefits were managing shelf space, bundle offerings and to do target marketing.  Solution was developed using Microsoft Azure Data Solutions and Python.


Acquisition Analysis

Helped CAT to identify the right customers using predictive models.  Using past data of the applicants, we need to determine the factors affecting credit risk, create strategies to mitigate the acquisition risk and assess the financial benefit of our project.

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