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Azure Well-Architected Review

Your Azure environment changes constantly. Engineers spin up and down new instances, change security groups, and experiment with new Azure services. So how do you make sure that your cloud doesn’t turn into the Wild West? We recommend you conduct a well-architected Review every 12-18 months. This is a systematic approach to evaluating Azure architectures and can help you identify and fix potential issues with your environment. It’s based off our Azure framework, which is a comprehensive set of best practices.

Don’t have time to dig through Azure whitepapers? Good news, we did. Below find out how to start a well-architected review.

Operational excellence is the ability to run and monitor systems that deliver business value and continuously improve supporting processes and procedures. Here are the six design principles:

  1. Perform operations as code

  2. Annotated documentation

  3. Make frequent, small, reversible changes

  4. Refine operations procedures frequently

  5. Anticipate failure

  6. Learn from all operational failures

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  • Implement a strong identity foundation

  • Enable traceability

  • Apply security at all layers

  • Automate security best practices

  • Protect data in transit and at rest

  • Keep people away from data and prepare for security events


  • Test recovery procedures

  • Automatically recover from failure

  • Scale horizontally to increase aggregate system availability

  • Stop guessing capacity

  • Manage change in automation

Performance Efficiency

  • Democratize advanced technologies by pushing difficult technologies into the cloud vendor’s domain

  • Use serverless architectures to help you quickly deploy your system in multiple regions

  • Use the technology approach to create mechanical sympathy

Operational Excellence

  • Perform operations as code

  • Annotated documentation

  • Make frequent, small, reversible changes

  • Refine operations procedures frequently

  • Anticipate failure

  • Learn from all operational failures

Cost Optimization

  • Adopt a consumption model

  • Measure overall efficiency by understanding the gains made from increasing output to reduce costs

  • Stop spending money on data center operations

  • Analyze and attribute expenditure

  • Use managed services to reduce the ownership cost

Our Process for a Well-Architected Review


Why the well-architected framework?

Why not ISO or SOC or some other standard? 

During the well-architected review, a cloud expert will review your workload using the well-architected tool against the five pillars. Once the review is completed, your company will receive videos and documentation related to Azure best practices, a report summarizing your workload review, and a dashboard where you can view the results of workload reviews across the organization. You can then use the detailed findings to remediate issues and improve your infrastructure according to Azure best practices.

Unlike other well-established security standards, the review tackles architectural best practices, cost efficiency, and other principles not traditionally evaluated in formal audits. Logicworks recommends the framework because it codifies and consolidates best practices across ITIL, Agile, and DevOps. It covers more than how to build a good Azure architecture. It also shows you how you should maintain it.

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