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A Proactive Approach To Optimizing Your Azure Environment

All-Inclusive Azure Support For Today's Modern Cloud

Let Our

Experts Do

What They

Do Best

New Updates. New Tools. Constant Change.

Daily updates are the norm in the cloud computing world, and keeping on top of updates, features, and patches is a full-time job for your team.

Put your team back on strategic leadership and let us deal with maintenance and support — making sure you have the tools you need to continue evolving your cloud practices in line with desired business outcomes.

Our Guarantee

Migrating to Azure is only the first step in your cloud journey.  Don't fall behind once you get to the cloud.

Get Started Today

We guarantee that the time and money spent in managing cases, doing security, cost, and performance assessment with remediation results, as well as the cost of the Microsoft Premier agreement, will be more than what we charge for Premier Plus. THG will also look for Microsoft funding opportunities and provide discounted consulting fees for our Premier Plus customers.  We will provide a yearly financial analysis and if the customer spends more than they saved, we will credit the difference towards the following year's fees or return the difference.

Let us manage and optimize your cloud environment from start to finish


Our experts will continuously focus on keeping your Azure costs to a minimum and improve your environment


Stay aligned with security best practices and ensure the secure configuration of your Azure environment


Get better visibility into your cloud consumption and configurations with access to our proprietary Cloud Management Platform

Modernize for the Future

Transform. Transition. Take on the future.

It isn’t as simple as lift-and-shift — not if you want to achieve the business outcomes cloud transformation enables. For that, you need a strategic, future-thinking partnership.

By identifying new cost efficiencies, offering optimization recommendations, and incorporating new, relevant Azure services, we partner to get you to your future destination.


Go Beyond Monitoring with Our Azure Managed Services

Azure Plus helps you spend wisely, optimize security, and evolve seamlessly. Get both reactive and proactive support with our Azure Managed Platform services.

What You Get

Azure Plus is our version of Modern Azure Managed Services, which help you identify your opportunities and risks and continue to improve your digital
transformation in the Cloud.  We will continuously make you aware of evolving cloud updates, optimizations and cost savings. 



Henson Group is Microsoft’s #1 Azure CSP Reseller. Our staff of Microsoft Certified Professionals is available 24x7x365, and we have Microsoft audited & recognized practice.


Fully Mature, Process Driven Cloud IT Management Approach. AHT <10 Mins. 100% patch compliance, 99.9% SLA Compliance, 99.95% Service Availability. Continuous process optimization.

Security & Flexibility

We help you scale your workload as needed with Azure Managed Services and integration expertise for optimized hybrid environments, increasing your uptime and performance.

Optimize Your Cloud Spend

Go Faster

Understand Cloud performance and usage

Increase Security

Maintain a secure and well-managed Cloud

Reduce Spend

Guaranteed savings through our Cloud optimizations

Focus and Innovation

Allow internal resources to do what they do best

Why Azure Plus?

  • Pricing starts at 2.5% of your Azure consumption

  • Faster resolution and a better customer experience

  • More visibility, control, and savings in your environment

  • An outside view of your cyber security for peace of mind

  • PLUS, it’s backed by our cost savings guarantee!

We operate as an extension of your IT team

Henson Group actively maintains and monitors your servers, VMs, PaaS/SaaS, M365, devices, network, and security environments while providing a predictable monthly cost. Our skilled experts are an extension of your IT team but work 24/7/365. This enables you to focus your IT team on revenue generation and away from maintenance.




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