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POR Instructions for Office 365


1) Go to:

2) Select the app launcher icon in the upper-left and choose Admin

3) Click BILLING

4) Choose “Subscriptions” under the Billing

5) Select your E5 or E3 Subscription, then click “More Actions” and select “Add partner of record”

6) In the right hand pane, enter 1018636 and then click “Check ID”. Select the check box to add partner to all subscriptions without a partner and click submit,

7) IMPORTANT: Repeat steps 1-6 for each subscription listed in Office 365 

POR Instructions for Azure


1) Go To

2) Click “Subscriptions” in the left navigation Bill”

3) Click on the first subscription

4) Then click on "Partner Information" and enter 1018636 and select Validate

5) Click Validate ID to get the GREEN Check

6) Important:  Click the blue button to “Save Partner”

7) IMPORTANT: Repeat steps 1-7 for each subscription listed in Azure

PAL Instructions


1) Login to Azure Portal and go to All Directories.

2) Go to each directory and click on settings.

3) Click on the “Link your partner ID to this account” from the bottom of settings panel in each directory.

4) Enter Henson Group MPN ID "570551" and Click on Link a partner ID.

5) Go to Azure Subscription from All services.

Verify "My Role" in the subscription

6) Click on the subscription and if the Offer type is not CSP go to cost analysis and get the Azure Consumption for last month.






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