Additional Services

Azure Administration & Governance: 4 Days / $20,000

Education and proof-of-concept for proper cost management and governance practices in Azure

Enterprise-Grade Networking in Azure: 3 Days / $16,000

Helps you understand the fundamental paradigms in designing and implementing an enterprise-grade network in Azure

Azure Recovery Services: 4 Days / $20,000

Addresses common business objectives in regards to cloud adoption

Azure Active Directory: 1 Day / $8,000

Helps you monitor and gain insights into your on-premises infrastructure and synchronization services

Azure Solution Assessment: 3 Days / $16,000

On-site expertise to help you assess your Azure-based solution against best practices and common pitfalls

Activate Azure with DevOps: 4 Days / $20,000

Modernizes your software development, deployment, and maintenance by adopting DevOps principles

Activate Azure - Intelligent Apps: 1 Day / $8,000

Helps enterprise application developers explore and re-imagine capabilities using Azure's Bot Framework and Cognitive Services

Activate Azure - Modern Apps: 1 Day / $8,000

Introduces you to leveraging Azure services to improve modern development

Activate Data Platform Modernization for Opensource: 3 Days / $16,000

Introduces you to leveraging Azure services with respect to Opensource

Activate Data Platform Modernization for SQL: 4 Days / $20,000

Helps with understanding the key principles for a SQL server running in Azure

Activate SQL Data Warehouse Migration & Modernization: 4 Days / $20,000

Walks through cloud data warehouse features and the SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Management & Cost Optimization: 2 Days / $12,000

Explains cost management best practices for optimizing your Azure environment

Azure Networking Optimization: 2 Days / $12,000

Technical review conducted by Microsoft network experts which focuses on network performance and security

Azure Security Center Fundamentals: 4 Days / $20,000

Teaches you how to apply security policies, limit your exposure to threats, and detect/respond to attacks

PaaS Azure Solutions for Developers: 4 Days / $20,000

Provides your development staff with a jump start on Azure development

Hybrid Cloud Solutions - Azure Stack: 3 Days / $16,000

Explores the Proof of Concept and Multi-node systems, and helps you experience Azure Stack with hands-on lab exercises

Onboarding Accelerator: 5 Days / $25,000

Introduces you to Windows Hello for Business which correlates with Azure Active Director and Active Directory

Azure Information Protection Fundamentals: 4 Days / $20,000

Introduces you to Azure Information Protection for classifying and labeling documents

Azure Sentinel Fundamentals: 5 Days / $25,000

Teaches you about faster threat protection and more with Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Designing Intelligent Azure Chatbots: 3 Days / $14,000

Helps you understand the building blocks of a chatbot and how to identify opportunities for your organization

Azure Active Director - Connect Troubleshooting: 1 Day / $8,000

Gives you a thorough understanding of how Azure Directory Connect works with respect to the sync engine

Azure DevOps Essentials: 3 Days / $16,000

Provides you with the fundamental knowledge required to use the Azure DevOps server

Azure Modern Monitoring & Management: 3 Days / $16,000

A technical drill-down into log analytics, data sources, query language, security and compliance, and more

Data AI - Azure Cosmos DB: 4 Days / $20,000

Explains the various APIs that the Cosmos DB service supports, such as SQL, MongoDB, Gremlin, and Cassandra

Data AI - Azure Database for MySQL: 3 Days / $16,000

Helps you understand the key principles of Azure Database for MySQL

Data AI - Azure Database for PostgreSQL: 3 Days / $16,000

Teaches key principles behind Azure Database PostgreSQL

Data AI - Azure Databricks Essentials: 3 Days / $16,000

Information regarding Azure Databricks, managing the Databrickcluster, developing in Databricks, and more

Azure SQL - Data Warehouse Essentials: 3 Days / $16,000

SQL analytics platforming to let you scale compute and store independently

Data AI - Building Advanced Bots with Cognitive Services: 2 Days / $12,000

Key principles of the Azure Bot Service for all your intelligent bot needs

Developing Production-Ready AI with TDSP: 4 Days / $20,000

Provides the knowledge to develop production-ready solutions using Team Data Science Processes

Introduction to Advanced Analytics & AI in Azure: 4 Days / $20,000

Helps you understand the capabilities of the Azure Advanced Analytics & AI platform

Orchestrating Data with Azure Data Factory: 3 Days / $16,000

Discusses key principles regarding cloud data integration, composing data storage, processing automated data pipelines, etc.

SQL Server AlwaysOn Availablity Groups: 1 Day / $8,000

WorkshopPLUS course that explains how to implement the SQL Server AlwaysOn AG feature in Azure

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine (IaaS): 1 Day / $8,000

Offers full control of the VM and SQL Server to administrators who'd like to explore IaaS capabilities

Kubernetes Technical Briefing: 1 Day / $8,000

Immersive course with a blend of instructor-led training sessions and hands-on labs

Application, Monitoring, and Diagnostics for Azure: 3 Days / $16,000

Deep knowledge course for monitoring applications from an IT professional's perspective

Azure Automation: 1 Day / $8,000

Introduces assets, runbooks, and desired-state configuration in Azure

Azure Monitor: 1 Day / $8,000

A technical drill-down into log analytics, data sources, search query language, security and compliance for Azure Monitor

Hybrid Identity: 4 Days / $20,000

Essential course for users with authorization and authentication requirements for a business

Infrastructure as Code in Azure: 4 Days / $20,000

Teaches you how to author and submit code using common tools into Azure Resource Manager

Azure Management: 1 Day / $8,000

Introduces Azure PowerShell and its benefits and managing Azure Store, Virtual Machines, and networking from a command line shell

Azure Networking: 1 Day / $8,000

Key networking features and services such as Service Endpoints, VPNs, IPSec, ExpressRoute and more

Azure Resource Manager: 1 Day / $8,000

Introduces Azure Service Manager and its successor (ARM) while discussing its benefits

Azure Serverless Infrastructure: 3 Days / $16,000

Helps you understand serverless computing and how to apply IT architectural models to solve business problems

Azure Storage: 1 Day / $8,000

Discusses tables, queues, managed disks, Azure files,and storage account firewalls

Azure US Government Cloud: 1 Day  /  $8,000

Overview of the US Government Cloud and a comparison between business and government clouds

Microsoft Bot Framework - Developing Bot Apps: 3 Days / $16,000

Establishes the fundamentals of the Microsoft Bot Framework to create engaging user interfaces

Modernizing Applications with Containers & Orchestrators: 3 Days / $16,000

Instructor-led training and exercises in a label environment, for modernizing your applications

Azure Machine Learning - Data AI: 3 Days / $16,000

Cloud predictive analysis for creating models as analytic solutions

Azure Diagnostics for Developers: 2 Days / $12,000

How to get diagnostics data and monitor for applications hosted on Azure