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Windows 8 App Design Sessions from Henson Group and Microsoft

Henson Group and Microsoft are offering a two day strategy and technical session for Windows 8 application development. Session are offered throughout the US at any Microsoft office (

If you need to migrate an existing app or are starting from scratch, this session is invaluable to your technical and business professionals.

While each session is individually customized, here is a sample of what we cover during each session:

Day 1
– Introductions and Discovery: We’ll have a facilitated discussion on the your business challenges, current, capabilities and desired future state.
– End User Scenarios: We’ll discuss specific application scenarios that and look at how they can be addressed with Windows 8.
– Introduction to Windows 8: We’ll take a look at Windows 8 including an overview of the software platform, Windows 8 hardware, and the Windows 8 ecosystem from a business and technical point of view.
– Review of any existing application: We’ll take a look at the existing application from a business standpoint and explore the value that Windows 8 brings.

Day 2
– Technical Review existing application design and infrastructure
– Deep Dive into the Windows 8 Application Model: We’ll discuss the new Windows runtime WinRT and talk about what the platform and tools provide for developers. Some of the topics will include:
o Windows Store integration
o Application Capabilities
o Programming with contracts
o Security
o Cloud access
o Asynchronous programming
– Storyboarding – We’ll lay out a UI storyboard for the application and walk through a high level view. This will give you a great first step towards designing the user experience.

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