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What is SkyDrive Pro?

SkyDrive Pro

  • Replaces MySIte – SkyDrive Pro replaces earlier My Sites in SharePoint 2010. It’s a personal space (usually 7 GB with O365) to store your documents in SharePoint.
  • SkyDrive Pro Client Engine – replacement for SharePoint Workspace 2010. While SkyDrive Pro client engine doesn’t have all feature of SharePoint Workspace like ad-hoc file sharing on extranet, Offline List etc. it is the direction Product Group (PG) is going. No future updates will be made to SharePoint Workspace 2010. Currently SkyDrive Pro client gets installed with Office 2013, but PG is looking to make a stand-alone installer available this summer. No exact date yet.
  • Below are some official blog/article on SkyDrive Pro

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