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Salesforce can be the backbone to your organization and its infrastructure, but like any great ship, it needs an experienced captain. This means the mighty Salesforce Admin has more potential impact than ever.

Working in the AppExchange, I hear stories of the perils abound, so in the latest guide from the AppExchange andApttus, Habits, Hacks and Helpful Hints: The Salesforce Admin’s Guide to Steering a Successful Salesforce Ship, there’s a wealth of information to help admins overcome these issues, so they can stake their claim as office captain. Hold onto your pirate hats, here’s a look at some of the highlights.

Watch, learn, teach

The best way to learn how Salesforce is being used in your office is pretty straightforward: Ask coworkers how it’s going. Give them tips. See if they have questions for you. Oftentimes, Salesforce users have questions; however, they don’t take time to ask. Take your expertise to them.

Get inspired on the AppExchange

The AppExchange is adding apps every single day for every industry and department, all built to address common challenges and opportunities. Visit the AppExchange regularly to learn and get better at your job. For instance, X-Author from Apttus transforms the familiar Microsoft Excel experience into a fast and secure interface for Salesforce.

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