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New FIM Sync to Azure Active Directory (AAD) Available

Microsoft’s DirSync team and the FIM Sync team have released the Release Candidate of the Windows Azure Active Directory (AAD) Connector on Connect for pre-release evaluation. This replaces the Office 365 Connector which has earlier been available only through MCS and partner engagements.

This new Connector is based on ECMA2 and is the same Microsoft used in recent releases of DirSync. It is intended to be used when DirSync is not a viable option. Microsoft still recommend to use DirSync as the primary solution to synchronize AD to AAD and use it whenever possible. For additional details, please read the documentation that comes with the Connector.

To be able to get access to the download on Connect, go to and join the program “Forefront Identity Manager 2010” – “FIM Synchronization Service Connectors Pre-release”. You will be automatically approved.

You can then find the download here:

Feedback on the Connector and documentation can be submitted on Connect.

Henson Group customers will be able to get production support on this pre-release version of the Connector

Also, be sure to join the Forefront Identity Manager group on Facebook

For more information and a free consult, please contact Henson Group at or 800-980-1130.

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