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Measuring Ad Value Beyond the App Install

OK, you got the app install, but what’s next? This is the question that successful businesses need to ask as mobile continues to grow in popularity across almost every industry from e-commerce to gaming to financial services. Sophisticated advertisers who spend millions of dollars in paid media for app installs now use Facebook in sophisticated ways to generate better return on investment for their businesses.

Over the past several years advertisers have shifted their thinking about mobile app installs goals from just the cost to acquiring a new user (cost per install, or CPI) to what actually happens beyond that install that creates measurable business results. As part of this shift, Facebook announced a new free tool called Facebook App Analytics during their F8 Developers Conference in March, 2015. It gives advertisers more insight into what’s happening within their app in areas such as cross-device insights, cohort analyses, and even the creation of audience segments using these insights.

What are we talking about? Optimize towards in-app activity for your mobile apps to generate real business value from events such as purchases in your e-commerce app, flights booked during flash sales for your airlines, deposits into your mobile game used to advance quickly to the next level, and any other measureable in-app activity that your business is aiming to generate after an app user is acquired.

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