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Create Windows 8.1 App in Minutes (Mobile/Desktop/Tablet)

Being an “app designer” is a trend that’s on the upswing. Microsoft is stoking the creative fire with Project Siena. Project Siena is designed to be a user-friendly way for everyone to build their own Windows 8.1 programs with the same knowhow that goes into using Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel. Project Siena is also a “Metro” app, so you can just as easily use it on your Windows touch-enabled tablet. It is a 3.4 MB sized free download for Windows 8.1.

Siena apps are all HTML5 and JavaScript, so they are easily extensible to any kind of use you want to put them into. It’s in a beta release now, and is intended for business experts, business analysts, consultants, and other “app imagineers”. You can make customizable apps and power them with your specific business intelligence.

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