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Free Azure POC from Henson Group
Free Azure POC from Henson Group

Discover the value of Azure for your business with this FREE interactive workshop designed to meet the needs of your business.

The workshops are hosted at your business office or via web conference and the outputs provide solutions tailored your business requirements.

What your personalized workshop covers:

  1. An in-depth review and analysis of how Azure can help you achieve your business goals
  2. Azure portal demonstrations for your engineers delivered by our Azure MVPs
  3. A Proof of Concept to help you transition to cloud

Register your interest in this free workshop below and our account team will contact you to schedule the engagement.

For more than 14 years, Microsoft and other partners have consistently recommended Henson Group IT Consulting Service to deploy the software it licenses to corporations large and small. As most of our architects, engineers, developers are former Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon, Cisco and VMware, where we have relationships with product groups and executives that give us access to code and knowledge not generally available to our competitors. Because of this, we have won dozens of awards and hundreds of clients world-wide. For a quick proposal, please email us at or dial +1 800-980-1130.


Explore the streamline update model between Office and Windows 10. See the upcoming changes to Office 365 system requirements so that your Office desktop apps can benefit from the latest Office 365 capabilities. Also, take a look at the improvements that we’re making to make it simpler to deploy and update Office 365 ProPlus on Windows 10. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with Office 365.

We take a look at SQL Server 2017, and how the SQL Server that you know now runs on Linux with the new platform abstraction layer. We’ll look at and how well it performs as well Active Directory Authentication on working on Linux; high availability options as well as failover between Windows and Linux Platforms. We’ll also show you support for Graph analysis to identify new relationships in your data and more.

Below is a PS Script I found that will create 45 SCCM collections and includes 5 specifically for Windows 10 systems/devices (you will need to change it to .ps1 or download from here).  I have listed all the collections it creates below and there is a lot of relevance to these collections during an organization’s migration process including “client collections” to facilitate the corralling of the multitude of client versions that might be running rampant “in the wild” …


The new version # for Windows 10 is NOT 6.4 but rather ingeniously…. 10.0!     😉  A LONG TIME COMING LINK


Note : The collection name must be unique in SCCM so if you already have a collection with the same name, the script will give an error on this particular collection but will continue to process other collections.


Tip : You can comment out any collections that you don’t want using (#) at the begging of the “New/Add-CMCollection” lines in the “Create Collection” Section.


**The collections are set to refresh on a “7 day” schedule.


Full List:

  • All Clients
  • All Clients Active
  • All Client Inactive
  • All Clients R2 CU0
  • All Clients R2 CU1
  • All Clients R2 CU2
  • All Clients R2 CU3
  • All Clients R2 CU4
  • All Clients R2 CU5
  • All Clients R2 SP1
  • All Clients R2 SP1 CU1
  • All Clients non R2 SP1 CU1
  • All Clients Not Reporting HW since 14 days
  • All Clients X86
  • All Clients X64
  • All Laptops
  • All SCCM Distribution Points
  • All SCCM Site Servers
  • All SCCM Site Systems
  • All Servers
  • All Servers Physical
  • All Servers Virtual
  • All Servers Windows 2003 or 2003 R2
  • All Servers Windows 2008 or 2008 R2
  • All Servers Windows 2012 or 2012 R2
  • All Systems Created Since 24h
  • All Systems Disabled
  • All Systems Non Client
  • All Systems Obsolete
  • All Systems with SCCM Console
  • All Workstations
  • All Workstations Windows 7
  • All Workstations Windows 8
  • All Workstations Windows 8.1
  • All Workstations Windows 10
  • All Workstations Windows XP
  • All Windows Update Agent Version Outdated
  • Mobile Devices – All Android
  • Mobile Devices – All Ipad
  • Mobile Devices – All Iphone
  • Mobile Devices – All Windows RT
  • Mobile Devices – All Windows 8
  • Mobile Devices – All Windows 8.1

Are you trying to leverage App-V 5.x and Appsense?  We came across an issue that even had Microsoft support stumped.  Here was the behaviour that we noticed:

When we were refreshing the clients the applications would take about 30 mins before even showing up on the Start Menu.


What we found was the the AppSense Filter Drivers were creating issues with the App-V client installation.  It doesn’t fail and everything appeared to be normal during installation.  Once we discovered what the problem was we created the following steps to ensure the App-V worked properly

  1. Disable the AppSense Services
  2. Reboot the Machine so the AppSense Filer Driver isn’t loaded
  3. Install the App-V client
  4. Renable the Appsense Filter Drivers
  5. Reboot the Machine


The App-V logs were not very helpful and this one was very tricky to track down since AppSense, Citrix and Microsoft were all part of the Solution.


Hope this Helps