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Business Situation

Himformatics helps companies meet healthcare needs that are  onstantly evolving. Himformatics takes an individualized approach to each of its clients and works closely with them to ensure their needs are being met. The organization strives to ensure its approach to developing client solutions are bold, honest, and proven.

As Himformatics continues to grow, a primary concern is the security of the information it works with. Because healthcare records and information requires a high level of confidentiality, Himformatics reached out to Microsoft, seeking a system security upgrade.

Microsoft enlisted the help of Henson Group, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with extensive experience helping companies deploy Azure and other cloud solutions meet their IT security needs.



The Henson Group worked closely with Himformatics to determine their IT system security needs. After close consultation, it was determined that security and auditing should be the primary focus of the project.

  • Setup all auditing services for Azure SQL database
  • Setup all auditing services for Azure VM
  • Setup Azure portal alerts for Azure SQL database
  • Setup Azure portal alerts for Azure VM
  • Setup auditing services for Virtual Network
  • Setup auditing services for ADF
  • Setup Azure portal alerts for ADF
  • Setup OMS account and attached data sources
  • Setup reports and alert from OMS
  • Data flow diagrams with description
  • Document with Azure implementation screenshots
  • Meetings & research



Given the sensitive nature of the information Himformatics deals and the hide need to ensure its security, increasing the security of the system was one of the priorities for this project. In addition, The Henson Group included auditing and alerting as part of the solution for Himformatics.


Results & Benefits

The Henson Group was able to increase the security of Himformatics IT environment and increase the auditing capabilities of the system manager. This allowed them to thwart hundreds of threats and get real-time monitoring for their Azure services.



With the project complete, the client is experiencing increased infrastructure performance thanks to the Azure Cloud Solution. With the Azure solution, the client is only using the servers it needs at that moment.

Thanks to the increased security measures in place, Himformatics is assured that the sensitive information it deals with has the highest level of protection possible.

In addition, the increased auditing and alerting capabilities The Henson Group provided ensure that any problems are detected quickly and can be dealt with effectively.



  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft OMS
  • Windows Server 2012



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