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THG Services Framework is a proprietary process made up of three distinct “sub-frameworks,” each targeted at different, but integral, phases of the project lifecycle. This specialization allows each sub-framework to provide useful and detailed information on the people, processes, and technologies required to succeed on projects. The three frameworks that complete the THG Services Framework are the THG Readiness Framework (TRF), THG Solutions Framework (TSF), and the THG Operations Framework (TOF).

THG Readiness Framework, the “prepare” phase, is a structured approach for THG consultants to reliably and efficiently assess the client’s individual and organizational technical requirements. This approach will enable the client and THG to work together to meet requirements associated with capability planning; organizational competency identification; individual and organizational assessments and the subsequent recommendations through learning plans; and specific, appropriate, and available readiness material to expand and retain the organization’s IT capability.

THG Solutions Framework will involve THG providing consulting to the client in the planning, building, and deploying phases of the project lifecycle. Beyond traditional consulting hours needed, this guidance also includes white papers, case studies, and courseware in the areas of enterprise architecture, application development, component design, and infrastructure deployment. In addition, THG consultants have access to prescriptive guidance for certain IT projects in the form of deployment planning guides, solution kits, and accelerated solutions.

THG Operations Framework, the “management” phase of THG’s Services Framework, involves THG providing the client with technical consulting for achieving mission-critical system reliability, availability, and manageability on products and technologies. This framework is developed to include comprehensive operational guidance in the form of white papers, operations guides, assessment tools, best practices, case studies, and support tools for effective data center management within today’s complex distributed IT environment.

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For more than 14 years, Microsoft and other partners have consistently recommended Henson Group IT Consulting Service to deploy the software it licenses to corporations large and small. As most of our architects, engineers, developers are former Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon, Cisco and VMware, where we have relationships with product groups and executives that give us access to code and knowledge not generally available to our competitors. Because of this, we have won dozens of awards and hundreds of clients world-wide. For a quick proposal, please email us at or dial +1 800-980-1130.